Would you believe that by eating well and diversely and without counting calories, you can lose weight? Yes, you can!

Forget the trickery and starve diets, pledging,  weight controls, protein bars, and soups - struggling with far too few calories - with LadyDiet you get so much more!

Lady Diet




The Lady-diet triggers your metabolism and the weight starts to fall immediately. Most users  lose weight more than a 8 pounds already in the first week.

During the start period, your body is driven by a pure diet to a state where it mainly uses
fats for energy.

With Lady-diet, blood sugar levels normalize quickly. Within only 8 weeks, you will achieve significant improvements.


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The most effective way to burn fat

You may have sometimes heard the word ketosis. The term is not necessarily familiar, so let's discuss it a bit here.

Ketosis is a condition in which the body produces nutrition from fat, as well as reserve nutrients into ketones, which the brain and muscles use for their energy. Ketosis is, therefore, a clever way your organism programs your body's spare energy into power. Even a slender man can find some 40,000 kilocalories of energy from his body - overweight persons have a lot more to burn. When we gain access to these fat stores natural weight loss follows ie fat burning.

These fat stores can be accessed with the help of ordinary food in just a few days without reducing calories so much. Still, you must know what you are doing to lose weight this way, without starving.

Lady-Diet leads you to ketosis

LadyDiet is a diet service, explaining in a simple way all things related to the ketogenic diet. By using this service, you will ensure that you implement the ketosis properly and get all the benefits. The service includes extensive meals banks for both weight loss and maintenance of normal weight. Unlike other online training programs, in Lady-Diet, YOU AT ONCE GET TO USE THE WHOLE NUTRIENT SERVICE, which almost all succeed with, even when all other means have already been tried.



Many describe a moment of ketosis reaching "kicking energy". The feeling is, indeed, something more than ever before.  The quality of night sleep is improved and the need for sleep decreases, no need for day naps, waking up in mornings gets easier and after-lunch fatigue disappears. Many also point out that thinking is clearer and feelings of alertness last for a long time. Tasks that require long-term concentration seem to be easier in ketosis.

This new energy is based on many things. An important factor is the steady blood sugar level. Another important factor is the ketones that the body begins to use as a new source of energy during ketosis. Ketosis changes the metabolism and the ketones also affects the brain. Also, the increased share of good fats in the diet stimulates the brain. It is no wonder, therefore, that ketosis food is used abroad as a treatment form, for example for patients with severe disabilities, epileptics and patients having memory problems.



The fact that food does not occupy our mind all the time and feelings of hunger does not bother us, is one of the most important factors of weight loss. Self-discipline will end sooner or later, so its power cannot be trusted. Therefore, the body should be kept saturated and well-nourished so that hunger and emotions do not bother us. This is done through good food and the favorable contribution and effects of ketosis.



The benefits of ketosis include the loss of desire for sweets. It is due to steady blood sugar levels and the general loss of hunger. It does not mean that you may never feel the need for something delicious or that the desire over a longer period never comes back. For women, the hormonal phase affects these things, and ketosis does not necessarily save you from long familiar habits, such as the tendency to crave for sweets in a stressful situation.

Lady Diet FAQ

When I purchase The Lady Diet, how will it be delivered to me?

TheThe Lady Diet is an online product and you get an ID's to the service. When you purchase the program, you will be able to access the Lady Diet by login link. 

How does Lady Diet provide so many health benefits?

By effectively switching your body’s fuel source from glucose to ketones (produced by the breakdown of fats), your blood sugar and insulin levels are reduced, and your good cholesterol (HDL) levels are increased. These factors, combined with the fact that fats are a much more efficient fuel source than glucose, are what give Keto the potential to increase energy levels, keep you fuller longer, kill cravings, increase mental clarity and focus, help you shed unwanted weight, improve digestion, clear up your skin, alleviate blood sugar irregularities, and MORE!

Isn’t Lady Diet just another word for the Atkins diet?

Not at all! This is a common misconception. The Atkins diet is simply low carb, whereas Lady Diet is low carb and high fat. Just lowering your carb intake alone will not get you into nutritional Ketosis. It is the increase in fat consumption that switches your body’s fuel source from glucose to fats.

I have bad cravings. Will Lady Diet help with that?

Yes, the combination of high amounts of fat and cutting out dietary sugars will keep you satiated longer and help you conquer those pesky cravings for good.

I’ve tried so many other diets, how do I know if Lady Diet is for me?

We’ve had so many people who have tried fad diet after fad diet take Keto for a test drive, and time and time again they’ve fallen in love with it. Not just because of the numerous health benefits, but because of the weight loss aspect as well. If you start today, I promise you’ll find that Keto isn’t a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle!

Is Lady Diet gluten-free?

Yes, due to the avoidance of carbohydrates that Keto calls for, it is 100% gluten-free!

What if I’m not a fan of some of the items in the meal plan?

The Keto Food List has plenty of healthy, keto-friendly options that you can substitute in for those meals you may not like.

I’m interested in trying out Lady Diet, but I have an existing health condition. Is it safe?

If you have type 1 diabetes, a kidney disease, or are pregnant/breastfeeding, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before trying out Lady Diet.


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